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Tierrandina is a fruit producer and exporter from Colombia. We work with the highest standards in the industry to supply our clients with the best produce at all times.

About us

Where the Journey begins

Tierrandina is dedicated to provide and deliver top quality exotics. Our fruit is harvested, packed and exported within hours of your order assuring freshness and quality. Our logistics team always uses quick and direct routes to transport our produce, diminishing time impact and improving shelf life, which are essential for perishables.

Delivering top quality fresh produce requires experience. Our team is a very well seasoned group of professionals involved in the food, logistics and agricultural industries, guaranteeing our operation is executed in the most efficient and responsible manner.

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Our Promise

Transparency and traceability

We believe in transparency and traceability. Through our certifications we support agriculture and sustainability

Product supply with no intermediaries

Being producers and working directly with associates allow us to work without intermediaries

Our team is available 24/7

Time in the perishable business is fundamental. We are available every day of the week to support your operation

The five Essentials of Tierrandina

Tierrandina is an international Business-to-Business fresh produce solutions company based in Colombia, one of the most bio diverse countries in the world. We are an organization of dedicated growers, agronomists, technicians, and international commerce proffesionals who utilize social responsibility along the highest industry standards to provide our global clients fresh produce.

At Tierrandina, we are fueled by our love of agriculture and our passion for fruit. Our technicians and farmers walk our fields every day, monitoring crops to ensure quality from the very first stage of production. Once packaged, our logistics team keeps your goods in prime condition. We also have implemented additional health and safety protocols in response to the global pandemic, including staff use of personal protective equipment and physical distancing measurements per public health officials and local and national guidelines. The well being of our staff and clients is our topmost priority.

Tierrandina is located in Bogotá, Colombia, in the heart of the Colombian Andes Mountains. We are inspired by the diverse range of fruit that are indigenous to the Andes Mountains. Our namesake reminds us that in our search for the most natural ingredients, we should look no further than the land around us. We partner with many countries to deliver fair and free trade equitably produce. We select only the finest crops for distribution, making use of rich, fertile soil that is home to Tierrandina’s produce source. We monitor operations carefully, from sow to harvest, because we believe in transparency and traceability—when you know each fruit’s story, you can taste the difference.

We believe in a business model that is fair and effective for every individual involved in the farming and post-farming process. Being both the producer as well as the exporter, there are no intermediaries,making us a effective solution forclients around the world. We are a company that hires locally and works hand in hand with those who know the land best: the farmers whose livelihood depends on harvesting top-qualityfruit year round. Tierrandina seeks to make an impact in social responsibility as listed per the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations, with a focus on Gender Equality

Fostering an inclusive, safe work environment is just as important to us as harvesting the highest quality produce. We are always asking ourselves how we can improve by using our company as a vessel for greater good. We take pride in employing vulnerable populations, such as those who are economically disadvantaged, racial and ethnic minorities, and individuals over 60 years of age. We are especially invested in gender equality and the future of women, empowering them with fair wages through equal pay for equal work. At Tierrandina we provide our staff with more than just a paycheck—we provide mothers with the income they need to take care of their families and plan for the future.

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